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A taste you can trust

The confectionary offers you pies and cakes made by non-conveyor mode. Each pie or cake is made individually, with natural food products. We pay special attention to the quality of raw material so that our customers get the pie or the cake that meet their demands. We do not use the products like: margarine, artificial cream, egg powder, essences, stabilizers and other artificial food additives. Besides, we work with the principle of little supply that means having little amount of raw material, this, in turn, excludes the possibility of spoiling of raw material. Pies and cakes are made every day and that means the products you buy are made on the same day. With the help of German means of sterilization we preserve hygienic regulations.

On the basis of the above-stated, we are customer oriented and since 1993 the confectionary suggests variety of pies and cakes, stable high quality, attractive design and taste you trust.