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  • Ordering cakes

    The cakes are generally made on order. The cake you order will be delivered to the shop you wish. Besides, twice a day we send small amount of “specialty cakes” to the shops that are sold without being ordered.

    If you wish to be sure to get your favourite cake, please make an order and contact us on the following telephone numbers:

    • (+995 32) 2 22 49 19
    • (+995 32) 2 22 56 87
    Viber (only for photos):
    • (+995) 555 33 44 99
  • Ordering pies

    The pies are sold in our shops without ordering. They are sent to the shops twice a day. As an exception, in particular cases, the pies can be ordered in the shop you want to take it from.

    When trying to contact the shop, please note that the customers in the shop have priority that is why in most cases the shop assistant may not be able to answer all calls.

    Please note that we do not accept any orders for cakes on holidays.

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