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How many days before should I order a cake?

In order to have enough time to make your favourite cake, please take into account the terms for ordering:
  • Wedding cake – approximately 10 days before
  • Complicated children cake – approximately 5 days before
  • Specialty and fruit cakes - approximately 1 days before

Have you got a delivery service?

At the moment, we do not offer delivery service. All products can be purchased in our shops

Where can we take the ordered cakes from or buy the pies?

The cakes and the pies can be taken from our shops. Please note that they cannot be taken from the bakery (G. Rcheulishvili str.) of the confectionary.

How can I order a cake?

You can order a cake by phone (032 222 4919; 032 222 5687 or 599 22 49 19)  or by filling a form on our web-site (only for the Wanut and Fruit cakes).

What is a cake/pie made of?

The cakes and the pies are made of natural products, like butter, eggs, flour and sugar. We do not use products like: margarine, artificial cream, egg powder, essences, stabilizers and other artificial food additives.

What size is a cake?

We bake specialty cakes according to their size with 25, 36, 50, 60 and 70 pieces. The size of wedding, corporate and individual cakes may vary according to your wish. 

Which types of cakes have you?

Can the cakes be transported on a long distance?

The cakes can be easily transported outsideTbilisi and its vicinity. Transporting of a cake on long distances depends on the form of the cake, its filling, the temperature and the vehicle. Our frozen “specialty” cake can be transported. Wedding, fruit and chocolate cakes are less transportable for long distances.

How much do cakes/pies cost?

The prices of cakes and pies can be viewed when clicking on the photo of them on our web-site

Do you bake cakes for children?

The samples for our children cakes can be viewed here. We can also make individual cakes of your wish.

Do you make fasting cakes?

In the Fast time you can purchase 10 and 20 GEL small fasting cakes.

Do you make corporate cakes?

If your company is planning a corporate event, we can make cakes of any design and form you wish with the symbol of your company. You can view our corporate cakes here.

Do you make wedding cakes?

If you wish to order a wedding cake, we can make an individual cake and you can choose the form, the colour, decorations, the number of tiers and other details.  You can view the samples of our wedding cakes here.

Would you make a cake, if I send you a photo of it?

If you have a photo of any cake and you wish to have a similar cake, please, send us this photo per e-mail at ( 

What is marzipan?

Marzipan is a sweet yellow or white paste of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, used to coat cakes or to make confectionery.

What is a fasting cake made of?

While making fasting cakes we control their ingredients. Hence, cakes are made only of plant products.

When is a cake or pie made?

The cakes and pies purchased in the shop are made on the same day.The date and time of production can be viewed on the cover of the box.

Which themes for children cakes have you?

We have various themes/figures for girls as well as for boys. You can view some samples here.